Eugene, Oregon, known for its culture and outdoor activities, has plenty for tourists to do, both inside and outside. Valley West Health Care Center is located in a central location for all that the area has to offer. For a day trip, we suggest:

  • The Sea Lion Caves are the largest sea caves in the world, almost 12 stories high. The caves hold a large number of sea lions, birds and various marine life. With an elevator for easy viewing, visitors can soak in the sights and sounds of this cave, as well as whale watching on the shore.
  • Inspiration for Frank Herbert’s Dune series, the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area has many hundreds of dunes ranging in size and shape for people to explore. Visitors can hike, off-road, camp, swim and enjoy the beach.
  • The Cascades Raptor Center is an aviary and wildlife refuge. The facility is outside and visitors can learn about the birds of prey and tour the facility at their own pace, viewing owls, hawks, eagles, falcons, ospreys and other raptors.
  • Located on the University of Oregon’s campus, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art features a number of exhibitions, the largest of which is Oriental art. Visitors can explore the museum, participate in art events and learn about the history surrounding the art.
  • Located near the Willamette River, the Mount Pisgah Arboretum has hundreds of various trees and plants on display throughout a seven-mile stretch. In the area, visitors can also hike and attend events, which occur annually.

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